Tools and methods to prevent ads from appearing

Tools and methods to prevent ads from appearing

Dear reader, you may have noticed recently that ads appear annoyingly while browsing the Internet on any browser, either on the computer or on your smartphone, and we even see them appear inside applications, as this badly affects the download speed and browsing and distracts the user’s mind when the advertisement appears While reading or watching on YouTube, one of the negative effects caused by annoying ads and opening pop-ups is to consume the battery energy clearly, and it becomes more dangerous when special ads are displayed for each user according to his interest and according to what he is looking for and corresponds to! Because that is a breach of privacy by tracking its IP cookie.

The real goal of the advertiser behind this is to increase the profit by posting the appropriate advertisements for each user as the possibility increases for the user to click on the advertisement, but when this matter becomes not moderate and annoys the users it should be restricted and banned. And it is no secret that you also have some ads containing malware or viruses so as soon as you click on them they find their place in your system to steal your files, so dear reader, you should maintain the privacy of your data and your safety on the Internet as much as possible.

Ad blockers
In this article, we will show you several tools that you add to your browser, which in turn provide you with safe browsing and free from bad ads and help prevent pop-ups except for the safe ones – as much as possible – as some of these tools need to be downloaded independently to block spam, and You will also find browsers that allow this feature, which is to block bad content and pop-ups in a compact way in the same browser. You do not need an additional tool, even though these browsers allow the addition of external programs. Therefore, this article will offer the most important free and available add-ons to block ads and you are free to choose what suits you best.

Ad block
This program is developed by the company BetaFish, one of the best free tools that prohibit bad content and annoying ads that appear on the full screen or that force the user to switch to other features. The addition of Ad block also provides a white list to add sites that are excluded from blocking their ads as they consider them It is one of your favorite and reliable sites, and you can follow all its ads unlike the sites that are not included in the list and it is covered by a complete or partial ban depending on the user identification, and you can change your whitelist as you like and at any time like you want to undo the blocking of some sites. Ad block is constantly updating it to fight all modern means of posting annoying ads and it should be mentioned also that it works with all browsers.

Add uBlock Origin
This free add-on provides the ability to restrict content while browsing and that it prevents the appearance of annoying ads and unsafe pop-ups and windows that force the user to move to another window, and it is worth mentioning that downloading this add-on will make browsing easier and faster in loading pages as it is distinguished Its small size that does not slow down the device, adding uBlock Origin provides the user with easy and flexible navigation to change the ban settings according to the user’s desire. This add-on works for all browsers effectively.

Adblock Plus
Adblock Plus is one of the free, oldest and most popular add-ons, with 100 million downloads for Chrome. It is worth clarifying that the Adblock Plus is different from Adblock as it is a German company program developed by Eyeo Gmb H, this add-on blocks annoying ads and Pop-ups and even self-running videos feature flexibility to customize, allowing the user to control the type of ads they want to block or allow them to appear, and the user can also block all ads. The addition of Adblock Plus is open source and works on all browsers and operating systems.

Opera browser
You may notice that this browser is not the most used and widespread, but it is one of the best browsers that includes in addition to blocking additions to bad content and annoying ads, and also blocking bad pop-ups from them only and permits security and the user can make filtering or customize for that. And the additional feature provided by the Opera browser is that it has a built-in VPN in it, thus providing the user with a different IP address from its real address in order to provide privacy and protection for the user from tracking, so you may notice a slow download speed, but it is intended for the desired purpose of preventing ads. The browser is available on the web and can be downloaded as an application on smartphones (Android-iOS) and includes the same specifications.

Mozilla Firefox
This browser from Mozilla company is one of the most famous and popular browsers as it provides an attractive and easy interface, Firefox browser contains multiple options and effective performance in preventing and restricting ads and through which the user can select a white list that contains sites that are excluded from the ban and who wants to follow their ads . The browser works on all operating systems, and there is a version of Firefox Focus that is distinguished from the first by the highest privacy and comes as an application for smartphones iOS and Android

Brave browser
Brave browser is one of the open source browsers and is based on the Chromium system, the same system that builds the Chrome browser but it is distinguished by its privacy and providing security for the user by not following it while browsing the websites, Brave browser blocks all ads, this browser helps you to browse the sites and download Pages at high speed without consuming battery power, Brave browser works on all devices and operating systems.

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