TeamViewer remote control software for TeamViewer

TeamViewer remote control software for TeamViewer

Perhaps most of us have faced a problem with his personal device and he did not know how to solve it or it was difficult for him to go to a maintenance center to discuss the problem and learn about its solution, and I also think that it has happened to us more than once that we needed to transfer files from another device that is in the house while we are in a place Far or vice versa, so we will present in this article a distinct program that facilitates the user’s process of allowing a person to control his device “remotely” for the purpose of maintenance or explaining steps or exchanging files and holding meetings as well, as he will do so without your need to move from your location, whatever the distances between the devices! There are also several services that TimFior can help you in achieving them remotely, as it is considered the best assistant in performing the services that are done remotely, and we will try during the article to highlight its advantages and wonderful uses.

Features of Team Fior
TeamViewer is a free program with a German industry that launched its first edition in 2005, TeamFior features great advantages that revolve around the ability to communicate devices together remotely and the ability to control them easily and professionally (via an Internet connection) as it requires entering the IP address of the other device, which Provides security in communication, what distinguishes TeamForm also is that it does not require installation on the operating system only needs to download, TeamFor is a program that cares about the highest safety standards, the program is compatible with all devices, both computers and tablets and smartphones that run the following operating systems Windows, MacOS , Android, iOS, TeamFior fully supports Arabic and nearly 70 other languages.

Uses of TeamFior
TeamViewer supports a set of remote services that may make it easier for users to manage their tasks and accomplish them without effort or time. If a user wants to remotely control another device, regardless of the distances between them, what is important is the hardware connection to the Internet, when starting to use the program, the user will be asked to enter the address of the identifier (IP) For the device that you want to connect to (TeamFior must be loaded on both devices so that it can be controlled remotely) then the screen of the other device will appear on the screen of the device that connected and the user can then control the desktop of the device while the owner of the other device cannot control his device until the other user ends the connection but He can follow what is happening in his device where it is useful in providing explanations or displaying steps for the other party, and one of the capabilities that the user can work through contacting another device is to transfer files and send them easily as the user benefits in transferring files of large size between his various devices.

It is worth noting that Team Feuer prefers the “meeting” option to assist users in holding high-quality audio, writing and video meetings remotely as this service is characterized by that it facilitates the sharing of content between members such as presentations on PowerPoint, this service is important and needs a lot both University students, business partners, company employees, and others who need to conduct business meetings remotely and some companies may also need to hold personal interviews for employment. In order for the meeting to start, the program requires that the president or leader organize the meeting and share the presentation that he wants to discuss and then By sending a number or the so-called meeting ID to all members so that members can log in to the meeting from their internet-connected devices by entering the meeting ID, and to increase security it is preferable to change the identifier before each call.

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