Snapchat brings a new feature to install personal photos on videos

Snapchat brings a new feature to install personal photos on videos

Snapchat app is preparing to launch an amazing feature under the name Kameo, which is a feature to replace the faces of people in the videos with personal photos, for example you will be able to replace your personal image with one of the faces in an animated image GIf, which is one of the new ways that Snapchat works to create to facilitate the transfer of emotions And feelings among users of the application, which is one of the aspects of fierce competition between Snapchat and Instagram.

The feature works in a simple way, as you take a picture of you, then choose the clip or the Gif image that you want to replace from among many clips and send it to your friends, and this feature will help increase the interaction in Snapchat messages in light of Instagram and WhatsApp copying many of the features of the application very successfully, Snapchat may be accused because of the new Kameo feature to steal or imitate the famous Chinese application Zao Zao, which provides a similar feature but more real and more profound in the falsification of photos or clips.

The feature is currently being tested by some French users, and this feature mainly depends on Deep Fake techniques, which are currently worrying due to their misuse for political purposes or in pornographic content, but in the case of Snapchat application, this feature will take a great comic and humorous grant.

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