Reviews of Nintendo Switch Portable Game Console

Reviews of Nintendo Switch Portable Game Console

The ancient Nintendo gaming company revealed its broader device in the world of Nintendo Switch home gaming devices, which attached it to the Nintendo Switch lite with lower specifications and a lower price, and the price of the device did not go far from the expectations that put it in the average price of $ 300 in global markets, and a device Switch for those who do not have a background is an innovative home games unit by Nintendo, a leader in the game industry and controllers, and through this device you can play exclusive games of the company and the traditional through TV screens or by carrying it as a separate unit and play in anytime and anywhere, and The company has developed this device to be better than ever, to give you a better gaming experience.

In our evaluation of this device, we review the most prominent specifications of the device and its most important advantages and disadvantages, so that the Arab visitor to aratechy site has a complete picture of the device and whether it fits or not. As is the case with fans of Apple devices and the commotion that they make when the company announces new releases, as happened recently when Apple announced at its conference the iPhone 11 releases, it is one of the largest companies that export home gaming devices that maintain continuous development to keep their sales in existence. Huge devices such as PlayStation, Xbox and virtual reality glasses have become one of the pillars of entertainment devices at home.

Technical specifications for the Nintendo Switch 2 x 1

The Nintendo Switch device is a portable game console that can be played on TV screens at home easily, as the device contains a large number of exclusive traditional games issued by the company to be among the reasons for the huge sales that the company releases, and different games can be played via the device, which is precisely portable 720p, and as we mentioned earlier that you can connect the device on the TV through the link and the base that came with it, and the resolution of time reaches 1080p to get perfect performance and a better gaming experience than before and you can connect the device through HDMI to send the audio and activate it via the speakers in the TV screen.

The device comes with an internal storage capacity of 32GB and the user benefits by about 26GB, as you can supply the memory through an external memory card Micro SDXC and we advise you, in this case, to choose 128 GB as a maximum for the external memory. Speaking of the device’s battery, it comes with a capacity of 4310 mAh and works for more than three hours of continuous play and up to 6 hours depending on the type of game and the energy that you use, and you can charge the device via power bank (mobile charger) provided that it is shipped in the non-standby mode via the USB port In me.

Nintendo Switch

Other specifications for the Nintendo Switch
The Nintendo device in this new version 2019 brought some updates that many of those who are passionate about Nintendo games like, like the warmer screen colors, as the screen tended in the 2017 version with blue-tinted colors, but the screen size itself does not change as the device screen came in 6.2 inches and is considered Somewhat few, especially since its edges are large at a time when tablet companies are competing to abandon edges, and the device comes with the exclusive Nvidia Tegra processor for this device. You can run and activate the games through the system of cards (cartridge) similar to the old game’s cards, and that there are no restrictions on certain areas means that you can download any game in any country unlike the previous versions of Nintendo, provided that you specify your geographical location in which you are located and determine the timing time that you follow Your country.

The ventilation in this device is excellent, whether you use it in the mobile mode or by placing it on its base, the screen also provides some important key buttons, such as a screen capture button to shoot screenshots, the home button to move to the main screen and the rest of the traditional buttons in all game consoles Household in addition to the input of external headphones size 3.5 mm

Nintendo Switch consoles

The control units in the 2019 version of the Nintendo Switch feature have some new features such as vibration, kinetic control and an accelerometer through the sensors present in the attractive Joy-Con available in multiple colors, and they come with the same quality of manufacture in the previous version, and can be dismantled to try duo, or Install the Joy-Con units and enjoy the individual home gameplay, more like the traditional console. You can also play with each unit separately for added convenience and ease of play.

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