PS5 released two consoles at a time, and found Marvel games to help out. Can Sony let players pay?

PS5 released two consoles at a time, and found Marvel games to help out. Can Sony let players pay?
Sony officially revealed the appearance of the next-generation console PS5 this week and announced several heavyweight masterpieces that will land on the platform.

The press conference that debuted on the morning of June 12th, Taiwan time, the Sony next-generation game console PlayStation 5 (also known as PS5), which has been widely watched by the outside world, finally unveiled the mystery and gave players around the world a glimpse. Sony announced two models at the meeting, as well as a variety of peripheral accessories, and also announced several masterpieces that will soon land on this new host.

Sony originally planned to hold a PS5 conference on June 4, but the “Freud’s death” incident in the United States caused a flight across the United States and called for racial equality. Sony decided to postpone the conference “let it be more important Was heard.”


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PS5 appearance revealed for the first time, Sony announced a variety of peripheral equipment

The PS5 appearance disclosed by Sony is in the same vein as the “DualSense” rocker style announced earlier. It does not follow the square design of the previous generation. The appearance is full of streamliness, and the main tone is white, and black is used as the background.

In April, Sony took the lead in exposing the appearance of the joystick DualSense.
In April, Sony took the lead in exposing the appearance of the joystick DualSense.

In addition, although there are not many details, Sony has also exposed a series of peripheral accessories, including Pulse 3D, a wireless headset that supports 3D sound, a media remote controller with built-in voice control, and an HD camera with dual 1080p lenses.

In addition to the PS5 appearance, Sony also revealed a variety of peripheral equipment.

Since accepting an exclusive interview with the foreign media “Wired” in April last year, Sony has announced the PS5 technical specifications one after another, which has made the community look forward to for a long time. After the game developer conference was suspended this year due to the new coronavirus (COVID-19, commonly known as Wuhan pneumonia), Sony announced detailed specifications on the Internet in March, but the appearance was not officially announced until this week.

Sony reveals the specifications of PS5 PlayStation 5

This time Sony announced two PS5 models, in addition to the standard models, it also launched a digital version of the host, there is no Blu-ray disc drive, users can only download the game through the Internet, “Bloomberg” believes that this move may further stimulate the digital version of the game Sales volume gradually reduced the proportion of physical channels.

It is worth mentioning that Microsoft, another host, also launched the Xbox One S digital version last year. This year’s Xbox Series X, which is playing against the PS5, is also considered to be a digital version of the host, especially Microsoft is highly Focusing on cloud games, we plan to release the Project xCloud streaming service this year.

PS5 digital version of the console price is expected to be lower than the standard version, but at this press conference, Sony did not disclose any relevant information about the price, launch date. For reference, the digital version of the Xbox One S is about $50 lower than the standard version.

The introduction of the digital version of the console is also considered to be the solution Sony is looking for for high costs . Some time ago, it was reported that PS5 will be priced higher due to high production costs, and limited sales will reduce losses, which may cause it to add adverse factors in the confrontation with XboX.

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Sony announced several masterpieces that will land on PS5, including “Marvel Spider-Man: Myers

In addition to revealing the shape of PS5, Sony also announced a number of heavyweight games that will soon land on the console, including “Marvel Spider-Man: Myers”, “Devil Soul” remastered version, “Horizon: Sealed Western Regions”, “Evil” Ling Castle 8″ etc.

According to a Reuters report, the founder of the game consultancy Kantan Games stated that it was wise to launch “Spiderman” when the PS5 went live. This work will lead to heated discussions and jointly promote console sales.

And not only the 3A masterpieces that these professional players care about, this time Sony also announced several independent developers, small studio games, including the lovely style “Bugsnax”. “Bloomberg” pointed out that the research institute Ace Research Institute analyst An Tianxiu said that these games with different styles can help Sony broaden the range of PS5 customers, such as those who like cartoon-style Nintendo players.

The news of the high cost of game consoles a while ago has caused all parties to worry about the possible impact on sales, but from multi-version consoles to a wide range of game types, and downward compatibility with thousands of PS4 games, it can be seen that Sony always has a way to attract players They pay.

A comparison between PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X (which is better and why)

PS5 is expected to be launched at the end of this year, and it is likely to confront Microsoft’s Xbox Series X head-on. Since its launch, PS4 has sold about 110 million units worldwide, making it the second-best-selling model in history. Therefore, whether the PS5 can continue to dominate the PS4’s dominant position in the game console market has also attracted special attention.

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