OnePlus 7T phone review

OnePlus 7T phone review

The Chinese company One Plus unveiled its modern phone one plus 7t on the twenty-sixth of last September of 2019 to become one of the most powerful phones of this newly established company that intends to compete strongly in the mobile phone and electronics market, and the version of the modern McLaren Group is due to develop the previous version of the company’s phone 6T To the version that we have now 7T, which was later developed to 7T Pro with simple upgrades made to the new exclusive programs on OnePlus, in addition to the cameras that were also upgraded and an increase in screen size, with the use of better processors and a more modern user interface, while still The phone is in the highest price category and although the company is the latest among the leading companies in the world of phones, it competes strongly through its OnePlus 7t phone, and during this review we will highlight the most prominent advantages and disadvantages of the Sun Plus SevenT.

Open the OnePlus 7T case

In the following points I remind you all the contents of the oneplus 7T box:

• OnePlus Box is very distinctive in color and design
• OnePlus 7T book, which displays some of the features and features of the device
• Note Book is designed with the same design as the One Plus device in the same colors
• A group of covers in different colors
• OnePlus 7T device
OnePlus Certified Ansa Awards 2019- 2020 earphones as the best wireless in-ear headphone
• OnePlus high-speed charger
• USB-A to USBC-TYP C Cable

The design of the OnePlus 7T phone
The phone comes in dimensions of 160.94 x 74.44 x 8.13 mm, and is streamlined more than what we are used to from OnePlus as a company that offers the best and seeks leadership, the company also added the shape of the water drop on the screen, which came from the type of Fluid AMOLED, despite the size of the battery with a capacity of 3800 milli Ampere, but the phone weighs only 190 grams, and it is very suitable for the design of the phone and its contents, especially that its aluminum frame, and while the phone screen is completely covered with the protection layer of Gorilla 6, the company also saw that the protection layer of Corning Gorilla Glass 5 is an ideal and is also what I see it suitable to keep this price in the highest category among Android phones, the phone from the bottom has one speaker and does not support the presence of the 3.5 mm headphone port.

The screen of the OnePlus 7T phone comes from the type of Fluid AMOLED size 6.55 inches, which is larger than the OnePlus 6 screen, and the screen covers 86.5% of the front of the body of the phone, the screen comes with a resolution of 2040x1080P per inch, the screen also supports HDR 10+ resolution, while The different thing, which was a big surprise, is that the screen has a frequency of 90Hz, which means that this phone displays 90 frames per second and supports seeing the content in the highest resolution, and you can confirm this by using Testufo, which shows the screen frequency for each frame with high accuracy, and of course this accuracy is a focus Content viewers with high quality, especially mobile users, at a frequency of 60 frames per second, and you will notice the difference when watching content with 1080 or more technology, but what is taken on the company here is the presence of 1 speaker only, despite the allocation of the screen to see the high-tech offers, which definitely need a pure sound And huge at the same time.

OnePlus 7T performance evaluation

As for the performance of a phone, it is even better than the updated version, OnePlus Seven Pro by a big difference, Snapdragon 855+ octa-core 7nm, and for those who are interested in games, especially interactive games such as PUBGY and Fortnite, this phone comes with a graphic processor, which is the best in my view at the moment, which is Adreno 640, which shows you games The best or highest settings, if you will. This is why we say graphical processing is really excellent. While the system is running with the Oxygen Os interface under the Android 10 system, it should be mentioned that Oxygen OS is the interface that was developed by OnePlus itself and is so far exclusive to the company’s products only. The phone supports Bluetooth 5 and NFC and is compatible with Made Pay

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