Netflix, Amazon and YouTube reduce the quality of their video broadcasts to medium quality

Netflix, Amazon and YouTube reduce the quality of their video broadcasts to medium quality

After Netflix and YouTube have taken steps to relieve stress on the Internet in the current period when most people are sitting in their homes due to the Coronavirus, and hence greatly increase the viewing rates on movie and YouTube sites for entertainment purposes, today Amazon announced that it will also reduce the quality of broadcasts related to its service Prime Prime video known in Europe in an effort to keep the service excellent for everyone.

Amazon said in a statement: “We support the need to carefully manage Internet-related services to ensure that they can handle the growing demand on the Internet today with so many people now in their homes due to COVID-19. Prime Video works with local authorities and ISPs to help alleviate any network congestion that might cause problems for users, including in Europe where we have already started efforts to reduce broadcast quality while keeping watching without chopping and waiting. ”

Yesterday, the European Union invited broadcasting services – Netflix in particular – to switch to medium quality SD during peak hours. This demand comes at a time when users are increasingly turning to teleconference and meetings remotely and also people resort to various entertainment facilities on the Internet such as social media or group games and certainly video and movie broadcasting services such as YouTube, Netflix, Apple Plus and others, amid the Corona pandemic of COVID 19.

Switching from high resolution to medium or low resolution can help relieve some of the pressure on your internet infrastructure and avoid slow speeds or problems such as internet outages. YouTube made a similar announcement earlier today, saying: “We adhere to the calls made by the European Union and given the current conditions we have made the default setting for video quality in Europe the average quality SD.”

Update: Apple Plus, Disney Plus, and Facebook are moving in the same direction to reduce video streaming quality due to the heavy pressure on the internet.

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