Google and other internet company executives attend US Congressional hearing

when the US presidential election is about to arrive on November 3, Facebook, Google And TwitterExecutives attended a virtual hearing of the US Congress on foreign influence and election security and accepted questions from lawmakers.

Facebook and Twitter executives said at the hearing held by the House Intelligence Committee that they did not see evidence that absentee ballots or recent protests against anti-racism and the police were subject to foreign intervention.

But Nick Pickles, director of global public policy strategy and development at Twitter, said the company has seen a trend from platform manipulation to official media and government accounts to publicly publish Twitter messages.

Democratic Rep. Jim Himes asked Nathaniel Gleicher, head of Facebook’s security policy, what measures the company is taking to respond to concerns that its algorithm promotes polarization. Sims said: “If every American family is filled with explosive and toxic gas as I think, then only one match needs to be ignited by Russia or other countries, and a fire will be triggered.”

Gletcher replied that Facebook users did not want to see content about the split, and said that this online social platform has refocused on emphasizing content from users’ friends and family.

In recent weeks, the debate about content review has intensified. Twitter and Facebook disagree on how to handle inflammatory posts by US President Donald Trump. On the other hand, Trump has accused social media companies of censoring content and called on the government to remove responsibility protection for technology platforms. At the hearing on Thursday, he and the meeting members pressed Gletcher.

When asked about the amendment to section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, Gletcher said that if Congress changes it, Facebook will comply with it, but at the same time said that this law is The company’s work provides vital protection.

Richard Salgado, the director of law enforcement and information security at Alphabet’s Google Inc., was accused of lacking transparency and has not been criticized like other technology companies. Salgado responded that Google will provide a transparency report on advertising on its platform.

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