Facebook’s new desktop design begins to reach users

Facebook’s new desktop design begins to reach users

Facebook began to give some users access to the new design from Facebook that was revealed and presented at the company’s conference in April 2019, and the new design from Facebook is more modern and brighter and uses simpler and better icons and also changes the color of the Facebook logo to the new sky-blue color that arrived for smartphones In general, the new Facebook design looks simpler and more beautiful, and users are excited to try it.

For those who have reached the new design from Facebook, as soon as they open the site, Facebook displays them with a popup window inviting them to try and test what the company calls “the new Facebook”, and offers them options such as white backgrounds or the known dark dark mode that arrived for users in smartphones from Apple and Android . Usually, Facebook does not offer to publish its new features or updates on a wide range except after trying it on a small percentage of users, as is the case with the Facebook dating dating service that has been activated for testing in some places around the world.

Facebook currently provides people who have received the new design the possibility to cancel it and return to the design they are accustomed to, and also allows them to report any features that do not work or any problems they may face with the new design, in an attempt to fill all the gaps related to the new design before it is widely published .

The company says that the new design may become available to all users by next April, with a gradual expansion that ensures the new Facebook will reach users properly, although the company has promised to start applying the new design at the end of the past year 2019.

Facebook, which includes more than two and a half billion billion monthly active users, faces many accusations related to privacy and safety on the first social network in the world, as a campaign of accusations and attempts to impose stricter legislation on the company are raised, and even legislators in the United States try to take measures that Dismantling the company, following accusations of monopoly and other abuses.

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