Download Filmora Video Editor For Windows/Android/IOS

Filmora is a simple and stylish interface and powerful video editing software. It is a representative work of Shenzhen Wanxing Technology Company in recent years and was launched in April 2015.

Download Filmora Video Editor For Windows/Android/IOS




Speaking of “Wanxing God cuts hands”, it is estimated that many people have never heard of it, but friends who are familiar with it will definitely not forget its another louder name-Filmora! This software for video editing, which took only two years to become popular in Europe and America, has accumulated tens of millions of users!

In the past two years, it has withstood the critical eyes of millions of overseas users, and its functions have been refreshed for a long time. It has evolved from a single video editing software to a multi-function that integrates video editing, format conversion, screen recording, etc. Comprehensive software. It is based on such a powerful functional experience that Filmora is able to stand out from the joint “strangle” of well-known software such as Movie Maker, VideoStudio, Premiere, and become a popular video editing artifact!

Being able to get the unanimous favor of users all over the world, Filmora must be unique. Whether it is the function of the software or the operation interface, Filmora can meet people’s explicit and implicit needs in the video editing process, giving people a sense of “showing wisdom and wisdom”! Filmora has both external fashion and internal powerful functions.

As CNET Networks of the United States commented on Filmora, “This is the most exquisite and convenient user interface video software we have ever seen!” Two sentences at most. Unlike the single gray-black interface of other products, the main interface of Filmora is composed of dark green and dark navy blue. Each functional area has a clear hierarchy, and the overall feel is very comfortable and simple. In order to meet the usage habits of different users, Filmora also provides a light-colored interface composed of emerald green and beige, which is very fashionable.

Download Filmora Video Editor For Windows/Android/IOS

For most non-professional users, Filmora provides an intuitive and simple operation interface for them to get started without professional training. In order to make up for the shortcomings of the skills of Xiaobai users, Filmora provides massive templates and materials for users to directly “apply”, including thousands of Hollywood blockbuster special effects, 300+ subtitles, 400+ superimposed special effects and other materials Called by users, very convenient and intimate!

Download Filmora Video Editor For Windows/Android/IOS
“Always pay attention to the needs and experience of users, constantly improve product quality and services, and provide users with a more convenient and more fun functional experience.” This is Filmora’s commitment to users and the key to its popularity overseas. And its producer, Wanxing Technology Co., Ltd., always regards satisfying the needs of users as the focus of its business, and uses the perseverance and excellence of ingenuity to brew greater growth momentum. In fact, the “Wanxing product” represented by Filmora is being sought after by more and more people, and it has become a necessary practical tool for everyone.

In the video editing function section, Filmora has a professional editing track, with real-time capture of screen content, voice-over, 100x speed change, video rotation and other functions, which is enough to meet the simple and easy-to-use needs of junior editors; but the well-known video editing software does not have The professional editing track also has no diversified debugging functions, and can only achieve the simplest and most basic video processing.

In audio editing, Filmora presets more than 50 free music, and sets a separate cover for them, which is convenient for users to use. In addition, Filmora also has a frame-by-frame preview function, users can control audio and video frame by frame, making editing more accurate.

In subtitle editing, Filmora has a professional editing track with hundreds of subtitle special effects, which are clearly categorized and available for preview. Users can also store favorite materials for future use, which is very convenient.

In addition, Filmora also has many user-friendly functions in transition effects, superimposed materials, and save formats. So many, it is probably not difficult to understand why European and American users with “more insight” will abandon Microsoft and Adobe. Products, but choose Filmora produced by the Chinese company Wondershare Technology!

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