How to clear cache on iPhone/ipad

If your iPhone storage is almost full, then cache may be the culprit. As you use more apps, you need more space on your phone to store information.
And we can easily clear the cache in iPhone or iPad. We will see how to clear the cache on the iPhone and the role of clearing the cache.

What is cache?

Caching is a term for temporary data stored by applications and websites, so they can work more efficiently in the future.

For example, if you visit a website with a large banner graphic, your browser will cache it so that you do not need to download it again the next time you open the page. When you stream on Apple Music, it caches the tracks you play the most so that you can change songs faster.

Caching is a normal part of modern phones and computers. Without it, your mobile phone will be much less efficient. So the storage space used by the cache is worth it.

How to clear Safari cache on iPhone

The browser cache is usually the largest user stored, so it makes sense to clear the browser cache.

To do this, go to the settings app. Scroll down the list of installed apps and tap Safari. You will see various Safari settings, but we are interested in the options near the bottom. Choose to clear history and website data.

You will see a confirmation prompt; click Clear History and Data again to confirm.

Please note that doing so will delete all site caches and history, cookies, etc. This will log you out of any location. It will also delete this information for all devices using your iCloud account.

If you want, you can manually clear the cache of a specific website instead of deleting it all. Do this by selecting Advanced from Safari’s options and then selecting website data. You will see a list of all websites that have saved data on iPhone or iPad.

Click Edit in the upper right corner, and then click the delete symbol to the left of each entry you want to delete.

When finished, tap Done. Use the Show All Sites link at the bottom of the list for more information, or use the bar at the top to search. The list is sorted from largest to smallest space.

How to clear App cache on iPhone

Reverse Safari, clearing the cache of other applications depends on what the developer allows. Some applications may choose to clear the cache, while other applications do not provide this option.

To check, stop the settings and scroll down the list until you see the installed apps. Tap each to view its specific settings. You may see a reset cache or similar option the next time you start it; the only app we see is Slack.

You should also check the individual application settings to clear the cache. For example, you can clear Spotify’s cache by opening the settings menu and selecting storage. Click the Delete Cache button to clear Spotify’s cache. We have shown how to clear the cache of Google Maps.

If you want to clear the application cache without options (such as Facebook or Instagram), you need to uninstall and reinstall. You may need to visit Settings> General> iPhone Storage to see which apps take up the most space on your phone. This can help you determine the priority of the cache to be cleared.

Select an application here and check the size of the document and data fields (you cannot help the application size). If it’s quite large, tap delete app and confirm. Then return to the App Store to reinstall the new copy.

You can also delete apps using the classic method: gently press and hold any app on the home screen until they all start shaking. Tap the X icon on the app and you will see a prompt to delete it.

Your iPhone cache is now cleared

Now you have cleared the browser cache and application cache of the iPhone. But remember, clearing the cache is not something you should do regularly. After erasing, Safari and other applications will recreate the cache as needed, so any storage space you gain will eventually disappear. In addition, when you clear the cache, the application will not run smoothly.

If your storage is seriously insufficient, clearing the cache may help temporarily. But you really should free up iPhone storage space in other ways; photos are one of the largest storage.

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