Best 30 offline Games For Iphone IN 2020

Most Mobile Games currently require an internet connection while playing and it’s really hard to find the best offline games for your device but don’t worry because we’ve got you covered, down our top picks for the top 30 best iOS games that can be played completely offline.

Out there

This out-there adventure will let you discover the feeling of being truly lost. In Out There, you take on the role of a lone soldier who wakes up from hibernation to find himself lost inside the vastness of the cosmos. Go n the melancholy journey around the void, and prepare for risks of space travel, rendered in artistic comic book style. It has a PlayScore of 8.57.


Valiant Hearts: The Great War

You might want to prepare some tissues for this one. Inspired by letters from the first World War, this Ubisoft production gives us another side of the battlefield with a tale of survival and friendship. See the war through the eyes of four unique characters as they head to battle and solve puzzles to help a soldier find love. Dark, yet heartwarming. It has a PlayScore of 8.58.


Junk Jack X

Step into the shoes of Junk Jack and enter his pixel planet that’s ripe for exploration. One of the iOS’ original gems, this sandbox game gives you free rein over a rich, randomly generated world. And, it’s only gotten bigger ith updates that add an array of new features. Put your creative caps on, and dive into the vast planets along with your friends. It has a PlayScore of 8.58.


Year Walk

Simogo’s 2013 adventure game takes us on a haunting tour of Swedish mythology. It’s deeply rooted in the Year Walk tradition that lets successful practicers see what the future has in store. Make your attempt together with Daniel and his lover, and bear witness to the game’s many mythical surprises. A memorable and well-crafted adventure, it has a PlayScore of 8.59.


This War of Mine

From 11bit Studios comes another tragic adventure set amidst the height of the war. A survival game at its heart, take control of 4 refugees as they guard, scavenge, and kill for their own continued existence. Manage the scarce resources to satisfy each of their needs, and test your moral fibers in the fight for survival. It’s an eye-opening venture and it receives a PlayScore of 8.59.


80 Days

Journey around the world once more in this modern retelling of the classic globetrotter. Step into the wandering boots of Phileas Fogg as he prepares and struggles through his fourscore adventure around the steampunk world. Plan out the most effective routes, and weave through their rich, and interactive narrative. Meet the Good icons of alternate history, and share the experience with the world. It has a PlayScore of 8.63.



From Macro to micro, join Amanita Design’s quirky characters and discover the beauty of their microscopic world. With their home tree under attack by parasites, guide Misters Lantern, Mushroom, Poppyhead, and more, through the world’s various puzzles Journey through its breathtaking plant life, and save the tree from the coming rot. It has a PlayScore of 8.63.


Gemini Rue

Invite yourself into the harrowing world of crime in this interactive graphic adventure Wadjet Eye Games. It comes complete with the film noir atmosphere, immersing you in the dark world of intrigue, mystery, and science fiction. A tale of two characters in one, find out how their stories intertwine into a quest for galactic redemption. It has a PlayScore of 8.64.


Invisible Inc.

Coming from their Don’t Starve success, Klei Entertainment set out to create something completely different. This time, it’s turn-based stealth game set in the year 2074. Pick from a team of 10 unlockable agents, and use their abilities to mount a counter-attack against an evil corporation. Maneuver through randomly generated levels, and make it out alive. It has a PlayScore of 8.64.


Sorcery! 3

Your favorite choose your own adventure game becomes more interactive than ever before. A fitting adaptation of Steve Jackson’s interactive gamebook, watch his world come alive with lovingly crafted maps and scenarios. While the game isn’t fully animated, its choice of bookish art style definitely adds to the immersion. A fantasy game that’s faithful to its literary roots. It has a PlayScore of 8.65.


Day of the Tentacle Remastered

When they weren’t out creating the next Star Wars videogame, the folks at LucasArts were creating cartoon puzzle adventures. Day of the Tentacle is an outrageously funny point-and-click videogame, created in the style of the groundbreaking Maniac Mansion. Follow their oddball characters as they defy the laws of time and space with their faulty time machine. It has a PlayScore of 8.67.


Choice of the Pirate

A tribute to the purest form of adventure, return to the world of words in this text-based interactive fiction. Without any graphics and sound effects, you’re tasked with steering the narrative ship with your own imagination. Dive into a bout of nautical nonsense as an up-and-coming pirate, and choose your fate with over 165,000 words of content. It has a PlayScore of 8.67.


SteamWorld Heist

They might look like a pile of rust-buckets, but they’re still the best pirates in the galaxy. Join them as they hijack randomly generated ships, and fight against monarchs and pirates in intense, tactical battles. Experiment with turn-based battles and real-time bullet trajectories, and partake in an exciting round of space billiards. It has a PlayScore of 8.71.


The House of da Vinci

Blue Brain Game’s 3D puzzle adventure will unlock the power of your mind. Find out the reason for the Renaissance Man’s disappearance as you step inside the labyrinth walls of his manor. Use your wits to solve the puzzles hidden in every corner, and let the clues guide you to enlightenment. A stunning, atmospheric adventure, It has a PlayScore of 8.77.


Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas

If anyone’s looking for a worthy Zelda equivalent on the mobile, then there’s no better choice than this Oceanhorn title. It captures the Nintendo spirit in every way. With a score crafted by the industry’s best composers, the vibrant 3D world is made even better. Defeat the ferocious Oceanhorn, and become the legend of Arcadia. It has a PlayScore of 8.79.


Traps n’ Gemstones

We can’t all be as cool as Indy. But, Donut Game’s ode to classic Metroidvania lets you settle for the next best thing. Don the trademark hat and whip, and run through craggy of halls of Egyptian ruins. Use your explorer skills to navigate the ancient structures and retrieve the mysterious lost relics. Praised for its visuals and gameplay, it’s a platformer you shouldn’t miss. It has a PlayScore of 8.8.


Stranger Things: The Game

Released as tie-in to the Netflix show’s second season, Stranger Things embraces the 80s with this pixel-perfect adventure. Looking straight out of a SNES, visit the quaint town of Hawkins and go on a curiosity voyage along with the show’s ragtag main characters. Despite its free-to-play nature, Stranger Things the game is deep, polished, and thoroughly enjoyable. It has a PlayScore of 8.81.


Nightmares from the Deep™: The Siren’s Call (Full)

The sea is one fickle maiden. A follow-up to Artifex Mundi’s hidden object mystery, this sequel takes you into the deep secrets of the abyss. Find over 400 different objects in 48 locations, and plunge into a chilling storyline that pits against Davy Jones himself. It’s a remarkably executed adventure that sharpens the mind and engages the senses. It has a PlayScore of 8.81.


The Journey Down: Chapter Two

The second chapter to the twisted Afro Caribbean point-and-click, Skygoblin brings you to the underbelly of St. Armando. Join protagonist Bwana as he retraces his father’s footsteps and unwittingly discovers a dark conspiracy. An award-winning title, it’s renowned for its unique art style, intriguing narrative, and cool, jazzy soundtrack. It has a PlayScore 8.9.



While its status game has come into question, this Simogo title is still quite an adventure. Venturing into words in the same vein as Choice of the Pirate, Device 6’s paragraphs is rife with interactive puzzles that draw you deeper into its surreal tale. It might not have realistic graphics, but it does underscore the immersive powers of the written word. It has a PlayScore of 8.9.


Jurassic GO – Dinosaur Snap Adventures

Who needs Jurassic Park, when you can have all the dinosaurs you want in a pocket-sized diversion. Turned into their friendly, cartoon versions, BebopBee’s title is essentially a tribute to their greatness. Snap the best pictures of the not-so towering lizards, and unlock legendary prizes. It’s game you can recommend to Dinosaur fans of all ages, and it receives a PlayScore of 8.93.


Love You To Bits

Get your heart stolen by this charming point-and-click game that spans the whole universe. Play as the cosmic wanderer, Kosmo, as he travels from planet to planet to retrieve the lost parts of his beloved robot girlfriend. Get your bolts running with their mind-boggling puzzles, and finally reunite the two star-crossed lovers. It has a PlayScore of 8.94.


King Cashing 2

Waking up from his long slumber, the King Cashing makes his return to the money-crazy world. Resume his greed-fueled rampage, and aid him in his battle against businessmen and cartel overlords. Use the game’s innovative slots-based combat, and watch it unfold in standard comic-book fashion. Time to reclaim the golden throne. It has a PlayScore of 9.06.



Taking the best parts of a 1980’s supernatural thriller, Night School Studio takes you into a hair-raising adventure of teenagers trapped in an abandoned island after opening a mysterious rift. Unlock the riddles of the strange land by using his radio to pick up specific frequencies, and picking locks to open doors into its troubled past. It is a surreal game with a deep and layered narrative, and it has a PlayScore of 9.06.


The Room Three

The Room Three A name that’s been equated to mobile greatness. Just like the previous games, it’s a masterclass in puzzle design, atmosphere, and visuals. Culminating the strengths of the series into this third installment, it’s by far their most elaborate title yet. Investigate every nook and cranny of an eerie train ride, and get a one-way ticket to mind-bending, spine chilling entertainment. It has a PlayScore of 9.32.


Real Car Parking 2

We have a real car parking 3d now this is a driving game where it doesn’t matter how fast you drive there are various game modes, but in all of them you’ll need to park your car without running into anything, now as you park your car you’ll have to avoid hitting three or more obstacles in order to advance there are three ways to park parallel perpendicular or in double line gameplay in a real car parking 3d adapts to your needs letting you choose from various game modes it also includes different cameras making the experience of parking your car as realistic as possible now It has a PlayScore of 4.7


Master thief

Master thief is a casual game where you play as a thief who wants to rob a museum full of well-known works of art, but this gallery has plenty of security so you’re gonna have to dodge guards to escape from the building without getting caught now the fun of this game is that you can steal tons of famous pieces like the Mona Lisa or Scream by Edvard Munch and at the end of each level you’ll see a screen with all the art you’ve stolen so far and mastered if you can have fun while stealing tons of famous art from this museum and as you advance security, will get tighter and harder filling.It has a PlayScore of 4.6


Eternal soldier

this is a first-person shooter in which you’re gonna play the role of a veteran of numerous military operations but they died in battle and they end up in purgatory, so around your soldier there’s a lot of pleasant scenery and the same legions of vile creatures that profit from his destruction but they could not assume that he brought with him an arsenal of weapons and is ready to fight to the last cartridge so they’re waiting for the lead of a professional soldier and carcasses of demons store gold and other valuables that are very useful for obtaining new types of trunks as well as pumping skills breaking into.

Top 10 Mobile Games With High Graphics


Lili is a fascinating arcade game in which you dive into this stunning world, the game has amazing 3d graphics and according to the developer it’s one of the best on the mobile platform, also this game has an excellent story which has already been recognized by many gaming publications the voice of the game was produced by professional actors, like me now the game controls are surprisingly excellent now I haven’t played a lot of time playing this game but there are clunky controls and that’s why because I’ve spent a few hours exploring the island of Geo’s hunting down its spirits and collecting each and every one of its secrets.

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Steel and flesh 2

In this game, you’re gonna be transported to the Middle Ages where you’ll carry out numerous missions and tasks to capture and conquer new lands take control of a small Kingdom and do everything you can to expand and expand it to lands develop your game strategy and do not let the enemies defeat you manage a small army conduct diplomatic relations with other states and replenish your Treasury do your best to improve your kingdom and bring it to prosperity, the sequel has acquired better graphics new features even greater scale and much more that’s gonna please you if you like games like mountain blade.

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