Best 10 Android Photo Editor Apps (2020)

Do you hate that the photo you clicked does not look right, even after more than a dozen attempts? You may not like its brightness, contrast, orientation, or you may want to add something to make the photo look attractive.
When the photo editing app comes to your rescue. They contain many features that are comparable to the featherweight desk editor. Image editing tools are already included in the interface of most social media applications. However, if you want more vivid customization, you can try these cool photo editing applications that we compiled in this article.
Note: This list is not arranged by preference; it is a compilation of the best photo editing apps for Android. We suggest you choose one according to your needs.

Android photo editor app
  • 1. Photoshop Express
  • 2. PicsArt Photo Studio
  • 3. Fotor Photo Editor
  • 4. PhotoDirector
  • 5. Snapseed
  • 6. AirBrush
  • 7. Toolwiz Photos-Pro Editor
  • 8. YouCam Perfect
  • 9. Pixlr
  • 10. Photo Lab
  • 11. Photo Editor Pro

Photoshop Express

Best 10 Android Photo Editor Apps (2020)

Adobe Photoshop Express has a simple interface and is a great Android photo editor that can be quickly, conveniently and powerfully edited on the device. It contains some basic functions, such as cropping, straightening, rotating and flipping photos. Photoshop Express has a touch-screening program, various effects, colors, automatic repairs, frames, and some advanced tools, such as an image rendering engine, for processing large files, such as panoramic photos. Its noise reduction function can minimize unwanted particles and spots in night photos. The application is free to download and advertising free. In addition, it also provides you with the service of sharing photos on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites.
Features of Photoshop Express

  • More than 80 screening programs can edit photos in real-time.
  • Photos can be imported and edited in the original format.
  • Perspective correction function for correcting oblique perspective photos.
  • Immediately share the edited photos to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media sites.

PicsArt Photo Studio

Best 10 Android Photo Editor Apps (2020)

PicsArt has been downloaded more than 100 million times and is one of the most popular photo editing apps in 2019. PicsArt is so compelling because you have many options for customizing photos. It has a built-in camera function and a social network for sharing photos. Other functions include collage, drawing, frame, stickers, etc. This app can buy some products in the app for free, but PicsArt will advertise.
Features of PicsArt

  • Brush mode for selectively applying effects to specific parts of the picture.
  • The rapid development of artificial intelligence effect.
  • Built-in monitor application with real-time effects.
  • Double exposure using layers and adjustable transparency.


Fotor Photo Editor

Best 10 Android Photo Editor Apps (2020)

Fotor is one of the most recommended and best photo editing apps for Android, with a lot of cool features and tools for enhancing images. The application provides a wide range of photo effects and screening programs for editing images. You can use more than 10 customizable “edit” functions to adjust the brightness, exposure, contrast and other aspects of the picture. The photo editor also allows you to make collages using a large number of collage templates. The application can be downloaded for free, but it contains advertisements.
Features of Fotor

  • Feature-rich photo editor and photo authorization platform.
  • “Enhancement” function, with “slide on the screen” function for instant adjustment.
  • Rich collage templates, such as classics and magazines.


Best 10 Android Photo Editor Apps (2020)

PhotoDirector is a versatile photo editor application. It has a stylish and user-friendly interface, and you can quickly adjust your color and tone images with its simple, yet powerful tool. The application has an application camera function, you can apply real-time photo effects when taking photos. You can edit pictures and quickly share them on Facebook, Flickr and other websites. This Android photo editor app is free to download and contains some in-app purchases and advertisements.
PhotoDirector features

  • A content-aware tool for removing objects that are not needed for photos.
  • Artistic preset photo effects, such as Lomo, Vignette, HDR, etc.
  • Defog tool for removing fog, mist and fog from the image.
  • Photo effects for applying effects to certain areas in the picture.


Best 10 Android Photo Editor Apps (2020)

Snapseed is a powerful Android picture editor, developed by Google, with many functions. It is free and there are no ads. The application has a user-friendly interface and is easy to use, just click on the screen to open any file you like.
Snapseed provides many different types of screening programs to modify the appearance of photos, including 29 different tools. After editing, you can easily export the file to save it or share it with friends.
Snapseed features

  • The original DNG file can be edited and exported as JPG
  • Native dark theme in the app
  • Selective filter brush that edits only part of the image
  • Option to save custom presets for later application to images


Best 10 Android Photo Editor Apps (2020)

AirBrush is an easy-to-use photo editor application. It has user-friendly touch-up tools and cool screening program options to provide you with a beautiful editing result. This app is free, but it has some purchases and advertisements, and it has a built-in camera interface with various live effects.
In addition, AirBrush has an interactive interface that includes many tools such as blemishes and acne removal, whitening teeth and bright eyes, slim body, and artistic retouching functions, natural and radiation screening programs. In addition, you can immediately share the edited photos to any social networking site.
AirBrush features

  • Excellent blemishes and acne removal tools, perfect photos
  • Natural radiant features, add natural-looking cosmetics such as mascara and blush


Toolwiz Photos-Pro Editor

Best 10 Android Photo Editor Apps (2020)

Toolwiz Photos is a gorgeous all-in-one professional photo editor that provides more than 200 powerful tools. You can add screening programs, swap faces, adjust saturation, and even create interesting collages. This free app has an elegant and simple interface. Its functionality and ease of use make it one of the best photo editing apps for Android. However, the app has not been updated in the past two years, so don’t expect trend screening programs and the latest content.
Toolwiz picture features

  • Lots of magic screening programs and art screening programs
  • Excellent selfie and skin polishing tools, including facial rating, skin grinding, red-eye removal and bright eyes

YouCam Perfect

Best 10 Android Photo Editor Apps (2020)

YouCam Perfect is a convenient photo editing tool for Android 2019, you can beautify your portrait photos in seconds. Try editing its effects and one-touch screening programs, photo cropping and rotation, mosaic points to blur the background, vignetting, and HDR effects. This app is equipped with a face shaper, eye bag unloader, and also provides a slimming function that can shrink the waist and make you look thinner in an instant. In short, if you are looking for the best selfie photo editing app, this may be a good consideration. YourCam Perfect also has a video selfie feature. It is free to download with some additional features of in-app purchases and contains advertisements.
Special features of Play Beauty Camera

  • Real-time skin beautification effects in still and video selfies
  • Incision and object removal tools
  • Multi-face detection instant fill group selfie
  • “Smile” feature adds a smile to any image


Best 10 Android Photo Editor Apps (2020)

Pixlr is a photo editor application for everyone; it has all the tools users may need. It has more than 2 million free effects, a combination of coverage and screening programs. You can create photo collages using various layout, background, and spacing options. In addition, it can also use graffiti, pencil drawing and ink sketch to design the style of the photo. You can directly share pictures to various social networking sites. It is free to download with in-app purchases and contains ads.
Features of Pixlr

  • The option marks the most frequently used effects or overlays as favorites.
  • Excellent touch enhancement tool.
  • Automatic repair function, used to automatically balance the colors in the image.
  • Collage function, up to 25 photos and various layout, background and spacing options.

Photo Lab

Best 10 Android Photo Editor Apps (2020)

Photo Lab adds a unique sense to your photos. It has more than 900 different effects, such as real photos, stylish photo screening programs, beautiful frames, creative artistic effects, collages of multiple photos, and so on. Through a simple and intuitive interface, the photo editing application is very easy to manage. This Android photo editor provides all the basic tools that users may need: cropping, rotation, lighting, sharpness, and even touch-ups. In addition, you can save your work to the gallery, easily share it via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or send it in the form of a message. It has a free version that displays ads, but the main disadvantage is that it will watermark your photos when you use its free version.
Photo Lab Features

  • One-touch editing can choose more than 50 preset styles
  • An improved face photo montage detection algorithm

Photo Editor Pro

Best 10 Android Photo Editor Apps (2020)

Last but not least, Photo Editor Pro is another application for photo editing, which allows users to beautify their photos. In addition to the basic editing tools, the Photo Editor Pro application also provides some popular tools, such as adding different types of glitches, interesting sketch screening programs, stickers, tattoos, etc. to the picture. All basic editing tools, such as changing brightness, contrast, shadows, highlights, etc. will appear. HSL (hue, saturation, and brightness are locked in the Pro version) is different from what we see in other best photo editing apps for Android. Android users can also look forward to making collages in the app. However, the highlight of the Photo editor is its easy-to-use snapy user interface. The only problem with this app is that the pop-up frequency of full-screen ads exceeds people’s expectations.



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