5 Top Android Application Development In 2020

The latest trend in Android application development has become a topic that is heavily affected by the impact of global digital technology. Another reason is that people pay more attention to technology than before.

This era has witnessed the continuous development of Android, and countless mobile platforms have been integrated into the IT industry. Before mobile application development companies, all of this became a priority.

Although we have seen countless changes in the mobile app development company’s approach over the past few years, in this blog, we will deal with the 5 latest trends in Android app development listed below 2020 :

1. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning:

The term artificial intelligence (AI) means being able to work like a computer’s human mind and perform tasks that require the wisdom given by humans.

Here, we mean that machines are only programmed to perform repetitive and specific tasks, but they can also perform different types of tasks.

Machine learning is an AI part, which includes data processing and learning itself in the machine, without our teaching or guidance. You need to master a lot of knowledge and research to learn machine language.

To overcome, there is a basic MLKit including Google Cloud Vision API, Tensorflow Lite, and Neural Network API. All these functions are in one SDK.

With this MLKit, mobile developers have realized the function of machine learning as follows:

Recognize text: Text recognition is free for mobile developers. These can only recognize the Latin alphabet on mobile devices. When recognizing the device, this will return a shooting structure document with the full text containing words, blocks, paragraphs, and symbols.

Landmark recognition: It is considered as one of the best features. Through it, we can more easily identify famous places. It fundamentally applies to the cloud and returns the results in the SDK.

Face recognition: It can detect facial images and return to the boundary, and can also be used to verify photos.

Barcode scanning: With MLKit, there are 13 different barcode formats. It can not only handle custom data but also handle some predefined events, such as text messages, detect Wi-Fi connection, and add calendar events.

Image tags: Image tags have many uses. For example, if someone uploads photos, it is recommended that users use TAG tags, and the other is to name photo groups in the gallery.

2. Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things or the Internet of Things has become our very advanced concept. Through this concept, our daily work becomes easier, just connect the electronic device with the smartphone.

Nowadays, a large number of home automation companies are trying to find better smart home technologies that can be handled by smartphones and applications.

4 top IoT functions:

Security: Security must be kept in mind. Both receipts and creators take safety as the main fact. The automation company will implement electronic equipment with all important safety measures. It is the smartphone and data we use to operate the device.

Energy: Energy is one of the most important functions of the Internet of Things. Energy harvesting, power efficiency and charging infrastructure are the necessary intelligent factors to keep in mind in the ecosystem.

Connectivity: Connectivity in the Internet of Things is not just a connection on Wifi. Due to the connection, network accessibility and compatibility can be enabled. Accessibility means reaching the network and compatibility means having common capabilities for data consumption and production.

Perception: Perception technology will enable us to create an experience that reflects our understanding of the physical world. In short, analog input from the physical world, but it provides a better understanding of the complex world.

3. Cloud-based mobile applications

A cloud application is a software program designed to access the Internet. Due to the high demand for cloud technology, Android experts are focusing on cloud-based applications.

This technology reduces the burden on multiple portable computing devices to access data.

Here are the first three functions of cloud-based mobile applications:

Security: We provide better data security for commercial enterprises.

More data space: We provide more data space for online cloud applications, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

Flexibility: We provide greater flexibility for data streams such as video, audio, and online games.

4. Android Jetpack

Android Jetpack is a set of tools, components and guides for building the best Android applications that can run faster.

Jetpack components put all existing support libraries, architectures and structures together to address major issues such as application management and backward compatibility.

Google integrates all of this content into one package and contains four categories: architecture, foundation, UI, and behavior.

Android Jetpack components are found as unbundled libraries, they are not part of the underlying Android platform, which means that each component can be adopted anytime, anywhere.

If you find any new Android Jetpack features, then you can add them to your application. After that, you can deploy your app to the store by providing users with all the features in one day.

In addition, applications can be run in various versions of the platform. This is because the Android Jetpack component was developed by providing backward compatibility.

Jetpack production is separated from interest, testability and Kotlin integration. Therefore, you can use less code to build high-quality applications.

The following are the five main functions of Android Jetpack:

Navigation: If we use it, then we will be able to handle in-app navigation. This means that all in-app targets are used as graphics.

Application screen navigation is done using XML attributes. This includes deep linking with destinations to process notifications.

Architecture components: The architecture is used to separate the UI from the application logic to achieve simple maintenance and improve testability.

In order to solve these problems, Google uses architectural components to make it easier. There are two types of concepts in architectural components.

Real-time data: If any changes are made to the data source, the view is notified.

View model: It has all real-time data objects and will not be disturbed even if the device changes its orientation.

Slicing: In Android, the concept of slicing is very important and effective. Slices are used to develop custom layouts in search applications. Using all of these, users can use the apps in the built-in Google provider apps.

5. Kotlin

Kotlin is known for its statically typed programming language that runs on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Kotlin is supported by Android studio 3.0 and higher.

By adding files to an existing project and then converting Java code to Kotlin, we can easily create new files using Kotlin files.

It contains functions of immutability and nullability. Using it, we can use idea quality and performance to build our applications more securely.

You must know that Kotlin code utilizes all the existing tools of Android Studio, such as lint inspection, auto-complete, debugging, refactoring, etc. We can save time and money for debugging and quality assurance through Kotlin.

The 4 main features of Kotlin:

Compatibility: It is suitable for JDK 6, confirming that Kotlin runs on the old device without any problems.

Performance: Kotlin applications can be executed like java applications.

Interoperability: It is interoperable with Java. It can use all Android files to Kotlin application.

Faster compilation time: We found that Kotlin’s compilation time is much faster than Java.


In this blog, we deal with Android application development trends 2019 to give you a clear understanding of the needs and expectations of Android application development trends.

We discussed Kotlin, Android Jetpack, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, cloud-based mobile applications and IOT (Internet of Things) to help you keep up to date on the latest trends in Android application development.

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