TOP 5 BEST Free Video Editing Apps for iPhone 2020

We will be talking about taking a look at some free video editing apps on iOS that will help you easily edit and upload your videos to YouTube Instagram or whichever social platform you prefer so let’s get right to it, BEST Free Video Editing Apps for iPhone 2020.

iMovie App

The app iMovie offers an almost complete desktop-like video editing experience so it obviously does all the basics and does them quite well but there are two major features that really help the app standout themes and filters with themes you can give your videos a specific look and feel complete with complimentary titles transitions and soundtrack on the other hand filters give the video a specific color palette there are quite a few options to choose from and you can mix and match a number of different themes and filters to give your videos a unique look the app even lets you mute the original audio of the clip and add your own music once you’ve got everything in place you can save your edited videos in both 4k and 1080p at 60fps or upload them directly from your phone.



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Quick Video Editor

A great video editor from GoPro you know the same company that makes that amazing action cams right unlike iMovie which is almost like a full-blown video editor quick is for those of you who are looking for something simple the app allows you to quickly stitch together short clips to make a longer video it really does justify its name after you are done creating your videos you can even add your own music to the clips to make the process even simpler quick also has some built-in templates that have their own graphics and music but if you want to share your video on Instagram Facebook it even allows you to convert the video resolutions fit for the platforms.




In that handy now if you think quick is just to base it for you then you should definitely check out the splice another great app from GoPro it’s pretty much like a complementary app for quick and bring some more cool features to the table when it comes to editing with splice, you can do just a bit more you can trim the video add some filters make it play faster or slower and text and change the volume once you are done with the initial edited splice gives you the option to add a different background color transitions to your video you can even add your own music straight from your iTunes library or make use of the vast selection of tracks in there it even has a separate audio editor where you can customize the music for your video just like quake it’s quite simple to use and using both the apps you can edit a video without having to deal with all the technicalities of video editing.


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Kine Master

Should check out the kine master the app offers a feature-packed video editor for your iPhone which has almost everything that you’d need to edit videos at a professional level kind must have a full-fledged video editor in which you can trim videos add layers have multiple audio tracks control the playback speed blend videos watch live preview and much more it’s just so versatile but all of that does come at a cost simply said using kind master is complicated it will take you a fair bit of time to familiarize yourself with app but I can assure you the results are well worth the effort that gives you so many features that you can easily use it as your primary video editing tool without facing any issues this makes perfect for those of you looking to start your own YouTube channel you can capture the video on your phone edited in kind must and upload the video directly to YouTube I would definitely recommend.



Adobe Premiere rush

A tone down version of Adobe Premiere for phones which is perfect for those of you who have some experience using Premiere on your computer now this happens enough for all your basic video editing needs offering features to help you easily trim or split the video add titles but load a custom audio track on top of that it packs some simple tools with which you can play around with the color profile or add motion graphics to your video sharing videos from the app is also quite simple as that allows you to export videos directly platforms like YouTube Facebook and Instagram but what really sets it apart is the fact that it comes with its own built-in camera yep you heard that right you can capture video or photos straight from there definitely does a better job then the stock camera thanks to the complete manual controls the pro mode gives you complete control of the ISO shutter speed exposure white balance focus resolution and frame rate premiere rush gives you the freedom to capture videos just like you want to and then you can edit the video right within that now that’s impressive as a bonus if you’re a creative cloud user of all of your clips are automatically synced to your account so you can start editing on the go and add the final touches on your computer isn’t that just great.


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