Best iPhone store without jailbreak 2020 supports iOS 13, alternative to App Store

Best iPhone store without jailbreak 2020 supports iOS 13, alternative to App Store

Using the iPhone store is an alternative to the App Store that allows you to download unavailable applications and install them without the need to create a jailbreak for the iPhone and iPad, and allows the download of violation and alternative applications to the original programs such as WhatsApp Plus.

The iPhone is an important alternative to the App Store, an important option to avoid strict restrictions, laws, and complications for downloading apps and games. It also allows you to download paid games for free, along with downloading programs from YouTube, Facebook, and other applications.

1) At ShareShare VShare Shop for iPhone

I heard a lot about VShare store and it is an important source of the most famous original applications besides the famous games, it is a reliable source for obtaining iPhone and iPad phone accessories and includes a huge library of free and paid applications.

Everything included in the store is free of charge for users

Available for iPhone and iPad as well as Android phones and computers
iPhone applications and original programs can be downloaded
Well-known games can be downloaded without problems
Download paid apps and games for free
Update the contents of the iPhone phones
Download Mp3 audios and wallpapers
Available for iOS 10/9/8/7 versions
Download vShare store for iPhone

2) AppAddict iPhone store

The app addict program allows you to download various programs and applications paid and free for iPhone phones, and it has wide popularity among users, the store allows you to download and install the modified applications without jailbreaking the iPhone.

Supports iPhone and iPad phones with iOS 8, iOS 9, iOS 10 and iOS 11

It is allowed to download various modified applications such as WhatsApp Plus and Instagram Plus …
You can download free paid games for iPhone, such as Pokemon Go
The original popular applications can be obtained
It can be installed via iTunes, iTools, or iFunbox.
Download app addict store for iPhone

3) Panda Helper for iPhone

The Panda Helper program is wonderful by all standards and is the direct competitor to the well-known TutuApp Chinese bunny store, and the store features a wonderful design and great speed along with the size of the large applications that can be downloaded, and is considered the best Chinese store for iPhone 2020.

All iPhone versions support iOS 8, iOS 9, iOS 10, iOS 11, iOS 12 and iOS 13

Supports iPhones and Android devices
It does not require jailbreak or root work, nor does it require Apple ID information
It provides a large amount of paid apps for free
Modified Plus software can be downloaded from all applications
Download the latest free paid games like Asphalt 9
Panda Helper iPhone Store

4) TutuApp Chinese Rabbit Shop for iPhone

The Chinese bunny store is very known to everyone, and it is considered the best in the size of the applications that are available to it and developed by a famous software company, and it comes with a distinctive design and easy access to applications and games, and also includes screen backgrounds for the iPhone.

Supports all new and old iPhone versions iOS 8, iOS 9, iOS 10, iOS 11, iOS 12 and iOS 13.
Download and install the program on iPhone without Jailbreak
You can download WhatsApp Plus, Instagram Plus, and Snapchat Plus
Download YouTube video downloader for iPhone
Download original apps with the latest versions
Download paid games and apps for free
Download wallpapers for iPhone
Download TutuApp store for iPhone

5) TweakBox iPhone Store

We previously talked about TweakBox in detail in a separate article, which is a distinctive modern store that includes spontaneous content without problems and allows you to download applications and games without problems, which is the best and alternative solution to the Chinese stores that have been suspended.

It supports most versions of the iOS operating system, most notably iOS 13
It works without problems in apps and content
Paid apps and games can be downloaded for free
It has a distinctive design on the mobile
Modified apps can be downloaded in plus
Free for users and few ads
TweakBox iPhone Store

With this, we have reached the conclusion of our article in which we talked about the best application stores that can be used to obtain iPhone applications as an alternative to the father store, do not forget to tell us about your experiences with Chinese stores.

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