the first photo sensor using artificial intelligence Sony

Sony announces the first photo sensor using a complete artificial intelligence

Sony Inc has announced on 15/5/2020 About developing the most powerful sensor, Which considered as the smartest of its class, And this step comes at the same time the Japanese electronics company is Decreasing their focuses at smartphones market.

And the company says that this sensor is one of the kind in the whole world, with a complete artificial intelligence processing system. And it’s capable to proceed tasks; like face recognition, erase the barcodes, and monitor the drivers awake, all these processes are in single Chip.

And Sony said: that integrating the artificial intelligence processing system in the imaging sensor chip, the complete package can import the data and processing it with no need to upload on a cloud or anywhere else, which terminate sending latency, and deduce power consumption.

And its believed that this step assured how the giant Japanese who were controlling the electronic consumption devices market could be terminated by the Asian competitors, Still have a huge inventory of high development tech in sensor devices and robots field. In considerations that the chips sales achieving 90% of Sony income from photos sensors of smartphones, exploiting opportunities on lately focuses on the smartphones cameras which considered as the highest privilege for it. And Sony said that its earnings may fall down this year, the reason for the new virus” COVID-19″. Leads the full smartphones market expectations are not clear. This makes the company heading to increase income percentage to the sensors solutions section, and from that; the Artificial Intelligence Chip, increases it from 4%-30% as a growth plan by the ending of 2026.

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